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September is "Update Your Resume Month".4 reasons it is crucial to update yours TODAY!

4 Reasons why it is Crucial to Update Your Resume TODAY!

September is here and it is an important month for “career care-taking”. September is proclaimed “International Update Your Résumé Month.” While children are embarking on starting the new school year, adults should also be taking stock of their professional attributes and career value by updating their résumés.

What we think of as a 'life print,' or guideline for career development, will provide a proactive approach toward meeting unforeseen market and company changes, in reevaluating personal worth and in preparing to obtain the next step in career growth. Too often job seekers avoid taking this crucial step until the last minute, when they need their résumé yesterday. However, by declaring September as the official update month, people will have the opportunity to better control and champion their own futures.

Initiated by Career Directors International (CDI), Update Your Résumé Month is meant to promote awareness about the importance of having an updated résumé ready.
Here are 4 reasons why having an updated résumé is crucial, and tips on gaining a competitive advantage:

1.     The résumé has evolved with the economy. The cookie cutter résumé is outdated and unpopular. For instance, the “Objective Statement” has become obsolete. Hiring managers want to know what value you offer, not what you are seeking.  Replace your “Objective Statement” with a “Summary of Qualifications” or a “Value Statement” that illustrates why you are the best fit for the position. A competitive, trending résumé is necessary in an increasingly competitive employment market.
             (Click for Examples)

2.     If a new opportunity comes knocking, is your résumé strong enough to open the door? Most people welcome bigger and better opportunities. You never know when you may be presented with an unbelievable job offer; even better than the great job you have now. If a recruiter asked for your résumé today, would you be submitting a superstar résumé or a sub-par one? What if the company you currently work for were to downsize and you find yourself out of a job overnight? With the downturn of the economy, this has become a common and unfortunate circumstance for many.

3.     Proactively position yourself for career progression. It is imperative that you consistently take inventory of your accomplishments, awards recognitions, and goals achieved. This is the meat that attracts the lion.  It is not enough to document your success on your performance reviews alone. You may find yourself up for a promotion, or wanting a raise. Can you back up why you are deserving of either? Frequently input quantifiable examples of your achievements on your résumé and include conference training, seminars and education advancement. (Click for Examples)

4.     Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. (Bobby Unser) This is particularly true when it comes to career success. Education, training, gaining experience, and professional development are all ways we prepare for better opportunity. Career care-taking is equally as important. Be prepared to meet opportunity and achieve career success; update your résumé, keep your interview skills fresh, know your value and communicate it strategically.
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